About us

Let’s light a fire
and start cooking.

Mama reads picture books.
Papa tries smoking food.
I want to try making soba noodles.
I want to try baking a pizza.

Let’s play board games together tonight.

Whatever you want to try,
our staff will help.

Symbol tree

Doesn’t that big hole in the tree trunk
make you want to try slipping inside?

The big tree enshrined inside the Doors main building is 500 years old. That means it predates the Edo period to about the same time as Oda Nobunaga.

This giant zelkova tree was loved by kids in neighboring Shiojiri since ancient times. It has taken on a new life, as the kids of this era climb on and inside it.

At Matsumoto Satoyama Doors, we hope that the kids of every era will be able to experience the real thing.

Our Commitments

Doors’ staff includes many active parents and grandparents.

That is why we take a family perspective as much as we can when we select the things guests touch.

For example:
・Drinking water
We use only purified water or hydrogen water.
We provide safe, health-conscious water.

Bedding that relieves the fatigue of travel is very important.
Enjoy restful sleep with bedding designed by a sleep consultant based in Kumamoto Prefecture.

At Doors, we select the amenities we provide to you based on a single standard.
That is whether they are confronting societal problems.
We will source as much as we can from organizations doing what they can to battle societal problems by creating jobs in depopulated areas, considering environmental impacts on rivers, promoting domestic farm products, and so on.
While concerns like cost and visual appearance certainly may be important, priorities depend on the company.
We want to connect with people who are fighting against societal problems, even in a modest way.

・Lots of Activities
We want to give kids all kinds of experiences, so we want to create more and more ways to enjoy making things that they can taste or use, including soba noodle making, oven baking pizza, sausage making, crafts workshops, and more.

・Wooden Toys from Around the World
These wooden toys are mainly from Germany and Switzerland, with the lovely colors and warmth of wood, but what is most surprising is their ability to captivate children for hours on end. We have placed carefully selected traditional toys that kids around the world have played with and passed down for years.

As much as possible
We want people to eat healthy things.
We want them to experience Shinshu’s outdoors.
We want to foster their desire to try doing things for themselves.
We want to give mothers a little tired from raising kids a rest.

With all of these aspirations in mind, we are working to build up Matsumoto Satoyama Doors one thing at a time.


The path to
Satoyama Doors

Please allow me to introduce myself.
I am the owner, Rumiko Akanuma.

Matsumoto Satoyama Doors began 10 years ago from a conversation with my eldest daughter when she was 5 years old.

“There’s no wooden toy museum in Nagano Prefecture. You should make one, Mom.”
“Y-you’re right.”

As you may know, Nagano Prefecture is cold roughly half of the year, and families with small children tend to end up staying inside a lot

When I was raising three young daughters, it was hard to find more creative play that they could do.

It was then that our family moved, and we discovered Warabekan in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture.

It was full of wooden toys, and they could play their hearts out all day long.

Alright, let’s make one of these in Nagano Prefecture! When I finally achieved my aspiration, more than a decade had passed.

When it was finished, my eldest daughter, now in high school, said, “Did I say you should make a toy museum?” She seems to have no memory of it.

All of the staff are excited and looking forward to welcoming you, and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy creative play together.

“Let’s give it a try!”
That is our motto.
Please come join us.