Stay over

We offer two types of rooms where it’s OK to make some noise as a family.
There are also gers where your dogs can stay with you.

Japan’s First !
Toy Museum with Accommodation

Kids can experience playing with wooden toys gathered from around the world,
run about, and then lay around.
If they drift off right there, that’s OK. When they fall asleep, take them to your room on the second floor.
This is the first toy museum in Japan where you can stay the night.

  • 1st Floor Main Building

  • 2nd Floor Main Building

  • Large Room

  • Small Room

  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Large Room Washstand

  • Small Room Washstand

SatoYama Doors 360° View

Glamping in a rented ger with a view of the sky

Stay the night in a ger, a Mongolian house made from sheep’s wool. The gers have a wood stove and an outdoor fire pit, so you can gather around the fire to chat. Spend the night like the steppe nomads, gazing up at the night sky through the window in the ceiling.
We offer babysitting for guests age 3 and under for the hour between 6:00PM and 7:00PM.
As another service we offer, staff can play with your children after meals.

  • Suika Gels

    (Note: Interior subject to change)
  • Budou Gels

    (Note: Interior subject to change)
  • Ringo Gels

  • Hearth Setting

    (Note: Ingredients may change; please understand.)
  • Shower Block Toilets

  • Shower Block Bathrooms

  • Shower Block Showers

    (Grape, Apple)
  • Laundry

  • Rooftop

  • Submarine

    (Reservation Required)

Explore our Menu

Family dinners begin with lighting your own fire. Experience your family’s first fire-lighting session at Doors.
Children’s menu is also available.

  • Dinner Plan

    We serve multiple course dinners handmade with lots of vegetables grown in Nagano Prefecture, and hearty meat dishes featuring Japanese beef as the main focus. Enjoy Doors’ signature dishes grilled over an open fire. You can also reserve just the fire pit to cook ingredients that you bring with you.
  • Breakfast Plan

    Our handmade breakfast is highly rated by guests, so please make reservations. We serve healthy meals first thing in the morning, featuring freshly-baked homemade croissants, homemade additive-free sausage and bacon, and healthy eggs from cage-free chickens.

Cook outdoors or on the terrace

You can enjoy a variety of ingredients prepared BBQ-style.

Cook outdoors or on the terrace

You can enjoy a variety of ingredients prepared BBQ-style.

Vegetables grown by local farmers

Use season vegetables from nearby farms, and absorb the deliciousness while you experience nature.

Experience Menu

Let’s give it a try!
We have a lineup of crafting and play experiences that both kids and adults will be inspired to try.
Kids can enjoy them alone or with the whole family. Experiences can be an opportunity for learning.

Fire Building Experience / Pizza Making Experience / Homemade Sausage Making / Soba Noodle Making Experience



  • BBQ Area

    You are also welcome to bring your own ingredients for a barbecue. We provide a fire pit for your private use next to the ger. For guests staying in the Toy Museum, we provide a portable charcoal grill on the terrace.

  • Rental Items

    We provide cutlery and equipment like Dutch ovens from serious outdoor brands.
    You won’t need to bring anything with you. Outdoor Cooking Gear Available for Rent